Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Homework Waldorf style

Among the many wonderful qualities in Waldorf education is a healthy view of homework. Homework is essential but should not be burdensome. It should help to clarify and strengthen work brought in class. It affords the opportunity to produce a detailed project. Students who work slowly or who want their main lessons books to burst with detail and sophistication on every page will undoubtedly have to bring work home. Yet the most gratifying "homework" to me is the work students do at home without ever being asked! My first experience of this came in fourth grade when a couple students went home and worked on braided form drawings and brought them to school. How proud they were to show me their work. Recently I had the pleasure to read a poem that a student wrote at home. It wasn't an assignment; he wrote because he enjoys writing poetry. This represents true "homework"!
I asked my student if I could publish his poem: he agreed!

"Four Seasons" by Collin Leonard

Can you hear Spring singing?
Can you see the Summer dancing?
Can you tell Fall's descending?
Can you hear Winter calling?
Can you hear the birds chirping?
Can you see the melon growing?
Can you feel the wind rustle the leaves?
Can you lick the snow off your nose?
Sing with Spring the Splendid,
Dance with Summer the Magnificent,
Catch the leaves with Fall the Joyful,
Call for snow with Winter the Bright,
Bring the four Seasons,
And merriment will follow.

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Anonymous said...

I like the poem and I thought about using it for eurythmy.