Saturday, October 6, 2012

Second Grade Michaelmas Play

                                    Courage and Love Triumphant
                       A Michaelmas Play by Lori Ann Kran for the 2nd Grade

Characters: Chorus, Animals, Plants, Farmers, Children
Enter stage singing “Michael Radiant and Bright”

Chorus: In a lovely land not far from here
            There dwelt a community good and dear
            They cared for the animals, plants, and earth
            They cared for each other and were full of mirth.

Farmers: (begin Stomping with right foot in a circle 5x than pause with left hand raised,  
repeat next time left foot forward with right arm raised)

Yes we have the strength,
Yes we have the will,
Our beasts to tend,
Our earth to till!

(Stop, all face forward and sing)

SONG: We work each day
            LowE  G   A       B
            Making time for play
            LowE E  G    A     B
            With Michael’s courage
            E        DBA         B   G
            Our hearts we do nourish
            E     G       A    A  B D           

Animals: The children treat us delightfully!
             That’s why we leap so sprite-fully!

Plants: The farmer’s tend to us row by row
            With Sun and Rain we grow and grow!         

Farmers: (Same movement as above)
            Yes we have the strength,
            Yes we have the will,
            Our beasts to tend,
            Our earth to till!

(Stop, all face forward and sing)

SONG: We work each day…. (see above)

Farmers and Children: The earth we respect,
                                    We would never neglect,
                                    Archangel Michael, He is our guide,
                                    In love, truth, and justice by His example we abide.

Chorus: But Evil lurked not far away,
Up in the mountains the Dragon held sway.
On plants and animals he feasted and tore,
 When he saw people he let out a roar!
The humans he’d lift them to the Sun,
And then ravenously eat them, one by one!

Farmers: What are these shadows that dim the sky?
            That sulfurous cloud; it stings our eyes!
            The stench is quite strong
            The smell it is rotten!
            Oh what could it be? What have we forgotten?
             Look! There in the distance the dragon flies near.     (DRAGON ENTERS)
            His aim is to eat us, to create havoc and fear!
            Oh, who can protect us? Must we all perish?
            Must we lose the community we cherish?

Children: Our hearts tell us now: Call the Angel of the Lord,
            St. Michael please guide our actions and our swords!
We shan’t kill the Dragon, for killing’s not right,
We’ll conquer him with courage and kindness, not might!


SONG: “Unconquered Hero of the Skies…” author?)

Chorus: The Dragon approached devouring crops as he came,
            Searching for animals to eat just the same!

            The lambs they all bleated,
            The cows they all mooed,
            The chickens they squawked,
            And the doves cried, “coo coo!”

Farmers:  We pray Oh St. Michael,
Give us a sign,
We need your aid now,
From your realms so divine.

Children: Here are our swords,
Crafted with love,
Send us a miracle,
Oh Michael from above!

SONG: “Michael, Michael with your sword so bright!”
                B  B E    B B E       

Chorus: As the Dragon approached,
            The sky it did darken,
            The children all cried, “Michael we hearken!”
            Then from the heavens came a piercing bright light,
            Michael on his steed did swiftly alight!
            He gave every child the courage of knights,
            Blessed with nobility,
            They were ready to fight!
            The Dragon ambled forward,
            The scent of children he found,
            The children stood firmly,
            Protecting their ground.

Children: In Michael’s name we command you, “Be still!”
            The love in our hearts will transform you, “It will!”

Chorus: The Dragon slithered forward with fiery speed,
            But the children all stood there brave, yes indeed!
            Then suddenly from Heaven the meteors flew,              (THROW METEORS!)
            And transformed all the swords to sacred iron quite true!

Children: With our swords we transform you,
                Forever and anon,
                Your evil ways will forever be gone!

Chorus: We thank thee St. Michael,
            The Dragon’s evil has vanished!
            Now, once again, our community can cherish,
The love and the goodness we relied on in need,
We triumphed together in our Michaelic deed!

SONG: “Firmly on the Earth I Stand…” sung by the upper grades.