Sunday, March 4, 2007

6th grade class play

Last Wednesday, 2/28 my class performed "Crown and Mitre: King Henry II and Thomas Becket", by William O'Toole. My 11 and 12 year olds demonstrated independent initiative and creativity in every aspect of this production. The emotional content was intense and fit perfectly with what Steiner school sixth graders grapple with: duality in thought; duality in moral decision making. Thomas Becket had to decide whether to go with his gut and remain true to his position as archbishop, or to bow to the outside pressure of the King, his friend Henry. Sixth graders are beginning to grapple with similar issues: do they remain true to their own aspirations, even if they aren't cool, or do they bow to peer pressure? Are the students able to feel free to express their dramatic talents, thereby exposing their emotions? One of the wonderful aspects of Waldorf education is that every student engages in every activity. The athlete is the musician is the actor is the mathematician is the writer is the shy one is the awkward one is the "Renaissance" thinker!

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